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“Correcting” Bach’s Parallel Fifths: Breitkopf Editorial Practices

In an earlier post I examined 20 instances of consecutive perfect fifths and octaves in the Bach chorales (not counting 26 “fermata” consecutives occurring between the final chord of one phrase and the first chord of the next). Since writing … Continue reading

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How Bach Prevented Consecutive Fifths and Octaves

In a previous post, I examined 46 instances of consecutive fifths and octaves found in the Bach chorales. Here is a summary of what we learned: Bach did on relatively rare occasion write consecutive fifths or octaves involving non-chord tones … Continue reading

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Consecutive 5ths and Octaves in Bach Chorales

So did Bach actually write consecutive perfect fifths or octaves in his chorales, breaking the First Commandment of part-writing? The short answer is yes, he certainly did. The long answer, however, will be far more informative if it addresses additional … Continue reading

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Detecting Errors in Benward & Kolosick’s Ear Training

Ever since Bruce Benward & Tim Kolosick’s aural skills textbook Ear Training has been packaged with the music theory textbook I currently adopt, I’ve made use of it in aural skills labs. It serves as a convenient source of aural … Continue reading

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